I suppose this means my life is boring

Yes, it's been about 11 days since my last blog post.


I guess there's not much new and/or exciting going on.

I just haven't felt the urge to blog about anything. I think I'm just not in the mood.

I've been a bit stressed since coming home from Florida. As anyone who reads my blog knows, I am losing my job. Six weeks from tomorrow I will be unemployed. And to add to my stress level, Kevin's company is talking MAJOR layoffs sometime very soon. I cannot even imagine how horrible things will be if we both lose our jobs.

OK, see...that's why I haven't been blogging. I'm just not in the mood to be all cheery and witty and blog friendly.

So, sorry to my readers for the lack of blog posts.

However, if you'd like to read about my recent vacation head over to my other blog (Travels With Kids). I promise those posts are much more FUN.

Thanks for sticking w/ me...even in my current mood.


  1. It's OK - I don't feel like blogging when I'm down either. I'm not sure what your religious background is, but I'll be praying for you!

    Lauri (The Red Daisy)

  2. I completely understand, amiga.
    I shall continue reading and supporting you.
    Write when you feel up to it.

  3. I have been averaging about 2 posts a month... so I hear ya girl. I still pop in daily to see if anything has changed!

  4. i do hope that whatever the future holds your family will be okay. not much consolation, i know, but hang in there.

  5. Believe me when I say I know your pain. This economy sucks major--hubby finally found a job after 19 months making half of what he was--but it's a job I guess.

    I'll keep you in my prayers!