Why so serious?!?

A friend tweeted today "Finish this sentence...I wish...."

My response: I wish....people didn't take everything so seriously. :) I think if everyone found more humor in things we'd all be happier.

Me? I try to find the humor in a lot of things. I'm losing my job next week. The humorous part? Well....OK, nothing really funny about that. But I'll keep trying to find something funny about it, damn it.

But seriously (or not)....I do try to see the funny side of many things.

And, I'm traditionally rather snarky. People who REALLY know me understand this. Those who don't...well, whatever. The point is....I find many things funny.

Which is why I find it hilarious that I was unfollowed today on Twitter for talking about last night's episode of True Blood with another TB fanatic and friend. Yes, really.

Apparently I broke some cardinal rule that states one must not discuss any plot points of True Blood until everyone in the world has watched the previous night's episode. Never mind that you can go to the EW.com Web site RIGHT FREAKIN' NOW and read all about it....spoilers and all.

So here's my PSA for the day: if you don't want to hear about True Blood next Monday, don't read my Tweets because you can bet your bottom dollar that I WILL BE TWEETING WITH MY FRIEND about whether or not LaFayette was turned into a vampire by Eric, Pam and Chow.


  1. You know, maybe we could just chalk this up to True Blood being a really popular show, and so good at being so unpredictable, that people are worried about finding out plot points? Hmm. Or maybe people just need to watch HBO on Sunday nights and then we can all discuss it on Monday. :)

  2. well the way i see, if it's a trending topic on sunday night or monday morning, it's fair game to talk about. :)

    and i didn't give anything away -- other than Bill losing it (which anyone could have seen in the trailers -- that are posted ALL OVER the 'net).

    hahahahahaha. you just have to LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF about it.