Jon and Kate + 8 = Divorce papers

Well, it's official.

At least according to People.com.

Jon and Kate have filed for divorce.

As if we didn't see this coming a mile away.

And yet, how many of us are still going to watch Jon and Kate + 8 tonight just to see a little bit more of the train wreck? I'll probably tune in. Nothing else to watch.

I have to say though, this situation is just sad. I don't feel sad for the parents - in my opinion (which isn't worth much, but this IS my blog so I get to voice my opinion), they are both horrible, selfish, narcissistic people. They cared more about their television show than their kids or their marriage.

No, I feel horrible for those kids. The parents claim that everything they do is "for the kids" and that the "kids are their lives." Really? You've got a funny way of showing that. J&K did nothing but put their needs and wants before those of the kids.

If there are kids involved, I think you should do everything in your power to make that marriage work. J&K did not. Instead, they continued to showcase their own personal brand of dysfunction for all the world to see.

I said it before, at first the show was entertaining. The kids were cute. Kate wasn't a complete bitch.

And then it became a show full of product placement, free vacations and hair plugs and Kate the Superbitch appeared. Of course, Jon didn't help matters -- "allegedly" cheating on his wife when he had EIGHT kids at home who needed and wanted their daddy.

And now, those kids - who never asked to be on TV and who never asked for any of the publicity - will be raised in a broken home. And I refuse to watch THAT on TV. If J&K had any sort of conscience they would ask to be released from their contracts so that they can attempt to heal their family - away from the cameras and glare of the spotlight.

It would only be fair to the kids.


  1. I think one of the biggest "problems" with these two is that they were never really on the same page and never really knew each other before trying to have kids/having kids.

    I remember in one of the very first shows Jon made a comment something along the lines that how he wasn't ready to have kids when they got married (they got married young & started trying for kids shortly after that) but it was something kate had always wanted and now that he has them he loves them and being a young dad. But even then you could tell having kids wasn't what he wanted at such a young age. But then on top of that to get thrown into "celebrity" (using that loosly) I think it was too much.

    I don't always think that staying married is the best thing if people are at the point where they can not even look at each other or talk to each other without yelling. That is not a good environment for kids to grow up in. But I do think they should have stopped the show awhile ago to work on their relationship & raising their kids out of the spotlight. I mean the kids are 5 now, how much longer can this show go on anyways.

  2. oh i absolutely think he didn't want kids @ the same time she did. but now that he's a dad of 8 kids under the age of 10, he needs to grow up.

    i watched the show last night and he was so callous about the whole divorce/separation and kate. he seems to resent that he's a dad who has responsibilities, and his whole "i'm only 32 and who know what's going to happen" -- it's as though he excited to be "single" again and isn't thinking that he still has 8 kids to support. he just seems to be thinking only of himself. his attitude last night was horrible.

    and you know the show will go on -- kate has to earn money somehow to keep that house and raise those kids.

    it's just a sad situation all around.

  3. It was obvious that Kate doesn't want the divorce, but Jon seems to be enjoying his new found freedom. Hell, I'd do anything to get away from Kate too, but man up and be a father to your kids--since you kept saying it was "all about the kids" through out the whole show--we'll see how much you really are around once the cameras stop rolling.... She's a biotch and he's a self centered jerk.

    Screw them both--those kids are going to be so messed up.

    Look at Maddie--she's a train wreck already--I'd like to slap her myself sometimes--perhaps she is more like her mommy!! No, I don't REALLY want to slap her--kids are products of their environment--can you imagine the chaos that is their everyday life. I'd melt down too I guess....