24 hours

It's been a whole 24 hours since I walked out of my office and into the world of the unemployed.

I cried a lot yesterday. Every time someone came to see me and tell me how much they were going to miss me the waterworks started - for everyone involved. There were a lot of Kleenex being used around the office yesterday (it was the last day on the job for two other people in my department too).

There were some good parts to the day though. My coworkers put together a nice breakfast for those of us who were leaving - and food always makes things better, especially when there are doughnuts involved.

A lot of my coworkers also chipped in for a 'going away gift' - and they gave me a Starbucks gift card, a Target gift card and an American Express gift card (shopping and frappucinos...two of my favorite things!). My boss...who is the coolest boss ever...gave me a gorgeous pair of earrings and a heartfelt note. She totally rocks.

I had a nice lunch at El Zarape (you BG folks know how yummy that is!) with two of my friends/coworkers.

And then, there was more crying.

And at 2:30 p.m. I walked out of my office for the last time.

Now, 24 hours later....my now former boss e-mails me and says "we miss you so much already!"...which practically reduced me to tears again.

On the bright side....it is likely that I will be doing some contract/freelance work for my former department, so that's good.

And, my (former) boss is still fighting to get my job reinstated. It's all about the budgets when you work for a university and that's the issue right now. They have to find the money and get the job approved for a permanent status...and that could take a few months.

So, until then ... I've filed for my unemployment benefits and I'll keep looking for something else. And I'll try not to miss my friends/coworkers too much on a daily basis.


  1. Oh! I'm so glad to hear how thoughtful your co-workers/boss are.

    Sometimes feeling appreciated (and doughnuts) are all one needs to feel better.


  2. Hang in there....being unemployed is really tough.

    Nice to feel appreciated though!