Cleaning house

My house is full.

Full of clothes that no longer fit the girls.

Full of toys that they girls no longer enjoy - actually, they are toys that are no longer "age appropriate" for them (most are for babies/toddlers).

And so, I am having a garage sale on Saturday.

The last time I had a garage sale I swore that I'd never do it again. I detest garage sales - collecting everything, pricing everything, sitting in my garage for 8 hours on a Saturday. It's not fun.

But, it is necessary.

I have so many plastic tubs full of baby girls clothes and absolutely NO plans of needing them again (we tried to sell some at consignment and made a paltry $36 - which is why consignment shops irritate me).

And so, a majority of the garage sale stuff.....baby girl clothes sizes 12 months to 2T (winter and summer).

I'm also selling our old Graco stroller and pack-and-play.

And a crib/toddler bed mattress.

And a TON of toys - Fisher Price, LeapFrog, Baby Einstein DVDs.

I'm really hoping that it will all be gone by Saturday afternoon at 3 p.m. It's not even about making money .... I just want the stuff gone! [But yes, making some extra cash will be nice].


  1. I would totally come buy all your old toys, if I had any idea where you lived and if... (dun dun dun scary sound effects) my Mom wasn't taking me shopping Saturday. blech.

  2. I want to have a garage sale so bad, but we just have SO MUCH crap and I don't know where to begin. It can be overwhelming. I just want to give it all away and be done with it!

    Good luck on yours!

  3. Did you got to Once Upon a Child in Sylvania? They don't pay ANYTHING!

    I'd try the Perrysburg one, I always have good luck. PLUS, as an added bonus, you don't have to do the garage sale thing.

    I REFUSE do all that set up work and sit in my driveway for an entire day and have someone argue with me over a QUARTER for an item--"Can I get 2 of these for a quarter?" Really? I just about threw the shirt at the lady and said, you obviously need this more than I do. Lesson learned, NEVER have a garage sale when you are PMSing it and (2) Get good and drunk while you are sitting there--it makes things not bother you so much.

    I will NEVER have another sale again, I'll just peddle it to the varous OUAC in the area, or give it to Goodwill and take the donation for the tax break.

    Have you gotten the idea that I hate garage sales? HAHA

  4. @ lurker girl: oh i hate garage sales too. yes, i took 3 bins of winter girl clothes to OUAC in Sylvania and they took a few things and gave me $18. seriously? i HATE that place. rude, snobby people. ugh.

    i have a ton of toddler toys (all fisher price and leap frog) and am hoping to sell them before i have to resort to taking them to another consignment shop. and the clothes? whatever i don't sell..it's going on craigslist as BINS OF GIRL CLOTHES $20 A BIN. yep. easy peasy.