So random

Today is one of those "gosh, I have all these random thoughts running through my head" kind of day...and so, I thought I'd blog about them. Why? Because I want to.

- Olivia starts KINDERGARTEN in 33 days. Seriously? How in the heck did this happen? How did my BABY suddenly get to be 5 1/2 years old and be on her way to 'real' school? Oh boy. I just KNOW that I'm going to cry on August 31st.

- The guy on the SlapChop commercial scares me. A lot. And really, what is with that ear piece/microphone thing? Who does he think he is, Britney Spears? SCARY.

- I've been without a job for a month now. And yes, it still sucks. Granted, it has been GREAT to spend every day with my girls (I really missed them when I worked and suffered from serious 'mommy guilt')...but that being said, I'd still rather be working. And using my writing/editing skills for something other than writing witty status updates on Facebook and Twitter.

- My hair is graying so quickly lately. I blame the stress in my life. I used to be able to go 8 weeks between color appointment....now I'm thinking 6 weeks might be the tops. Grr. Getting old sucks too. ;)

- Filing for unemployment was unbelievably irritating. For anyone out there who works for a university and then happens to lose that job...be prepared to jump through many hoops to prove you aren't a faculty member who is just "off" for the summer or a student employee trying to milk the system. But as an added bonus, I'm happy to report that the federal government is paying me an extra $25 a week - thank you Prez Obama.

- The weather so far this summer has been for crap. Where is the sun? And the heat? Where is summer?

- I need a vacation. I'm hoping our weekend trip to Cedar Point (with my parents, sister and her family) is going to feel like a mini-vacay.

I'm sure there's more random crap floating around in my noggin...but the 2 year old is chatting at me right now and that makes it rather difficult to concentrate on other things.....


  1. I also HATE SlapChop guy! ahhhh!

  2. he's so scary. and creepy.

  3. Slapchop guy IS VERY scary, ick. "You'll like my nuts." vomit.

    I am going to be the person who says I am LOVING this weather. I don't like hot summer weather anyways, so a mild summer is most welcomed by me....though I doubt it will last. It will just mean September and October will be warmer than usual - boo.

    Have fun at Cedar Point!!

  4. @ wk: yep..."you'll like my nuts"...when i heard that the 1st time i was like "Wait? What did he just say???" ew. gross.

    the weather is OK...but it makes it hard to go to the pool w/ the kids. ;)

  5. (I quite enjoyed this update.)

    I laughed out loud at the slapchop/microphone comment.