A lovely surprise in my mailbox today

Oh. My. Edward.

And...as an added bonus Vampire Bill! (And yes, he does look a bit sick or perhaps he's constipated from all the TruBlood...haha).

Personally, I would have preferred it if Edward Cullen (aka Robert Pattinson...swoon!) had the bigger photo...but oh well.

I cannot wait to read this issue -- the 20 greatest vampires of all time! This is what makes me happy tonight.

I guess you'd have to love books/movies/shows about vampires to understand! (Anne Rice, Twilight and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and True Blood just to name a few of my faves!).

OK...off to read.....

....and swoon at the cover a little longer....

[see EW's story about this cover and the new 'poster boys' for vampires]


  1. I squeeeed like a fan girl when I got mine mag yesterday. I thought the stories were a little lame though--I cannot wait for the New Moon covers that will be coming soon--MUST HAVE MORE TWILIGHT

  2. i know...i wish that i would have kept the twilight covers from last year, but they came out before i became 'mildly obsessed'! however, i will be KEEPING all new moon covers!

    agreed...the stories were a bit lame. but it was nice to see edward, bill and eric rank in the top 10! ;) haha.