An update

Had my interview today.

I think it went well...the person interviewing me actually said "You know, I really enjoyed this interview." [this was after telling me what an "interesting" resume I had @ the beginning of the interview].

A few things about the job....

- the job is in marketing at a non-profit agency
- the position opened up 'suddenly' last week
- it's not really part time, not really full time (30-35 hours a week)
- the hourly rate is the same as what I was making at BGSU (so more work, more hours, but the same amount of $$ per hour)
- daycare will be MORE expensive because the kids will be there longer - even though Olivia will be at kindergarten 1/2 a day each day...so in the end I won't really be making more money.

Don't get me wrong...I think it would be an interesting job. But if they offer it to me, I'm not sure that the money is enough. That might sound stupid, but if you have kids in daycare it will make sense to you.

Anyway, we'll see what happens -- they were interviewing a few other people too and it's very possible that one of those candidates is way more qualified than I am.

Until then....back to the search...


  1. Thanks for the update! You should feel good about getting an interview out of the way so even if you don't accept this position, you are even more prepared for the next interview.