Um, yeah...you aren't REALLY at the symphony

We took the kids to Music Under the Stars tonight at the Toledo Zoo....it was the "Disney" night and since I am a complete and total crazy Disney fanatic, we thought it would be fun.

And rather than sitting in the amphitheater with two kids who want to just eat cotton candy and RUN around like wild animals, we chose to sit near the cheetahs - on the observation deck. It was a great spot - you could hear the music and still let the kids be crazy.

A few other people were seated there too, including the MOST INCREDIBLY RUDE family I think I have ever seen.

Here's what happened....

At one point during the performance two women (who were also seated on the observation deck and who I will call Green Shirt Lady and her friend) were WHISPERING to each other when all of a sudden the matriarch of the Stupid Family leans over and says "SHUT UP!"

At first I thought perhaps she knew these women and was just kidding around. But then Green Shirt Lady said "Excuse me?" And Psycho Mom says "I said shut up. You aren't at a restaurant."

Um, what?

Green Shirt Lady said something like "What is your problem?" to Psycho Mom and looks at me and my sister with this "WTF?" look on her face. Then Psycho Dad says to her "You're being rude. We are trying to listen to the performers."

WTF is right.

Here's the thing -- we were at the zoo for crying out loud. We were NOT at the Peristyle watching the symphony perform. People walk around outside the amphitheater and eat ice cream and dance in the aisles and generally HAVE FUN. Music Under the Stars is NOT a "serious black tie affair." It's fun. We even had another "older" couple tell us how much fun they had watching the kids dance and play during the concert. They even said "if we wanted it to be quiet, we'd sit in the amphitheater." Exactly.

Cleary Psycho Mom and Dad didn't get that message.

The best part was this: at intermission the other woman with Green Shirt Lady stood up with her walker and CRASHED into the lawn chair of Psycho Mom (boom! crash! bang!). Priceless. Absolutely priceless. Then, after Psycho Mom got up to leave, Green Shirt Lady sat down next to Psycho Dad and proceeded to tell him off.

We stood there and cheered her on. Quietly. So as to not disturb anyone. ;)

It still boggles my mind that this woman told a complete stranger to shut up. At an outside concert. At the zoo. Outside of the actual "performance area". I mean really....who does that?

I'll say this .. it's a damn good thing she didn't tell me or my kids to shut up.


  1. Wow. Just wow.

    I don't know whether the psycho family was wrong or right in terms of whether they "deserved" quiet during the performance. However neither case necessitates telling a person to shut up. That is completely rude and uncalled for.

  2. Had she told YOU off, that would've made the story even better. :) lol.

    That is unbelievable. For all reasons you mentioned. There are strange people in this world....

  3. wow, that is crazy. I don't think I have ever heard anyone just yell "shut up" to someone else in public like that. Seriously, I would think that at a zoo with kids listening to Disney music you would expect there to be noise. People need to chill.

  4. yes, people DO need to chill. ;)

    and had they been INSIDE the amphitheater they probably could have expected quiet...but sitting outside, near the freaking cheetahs....not so much.