Just a normal day at my house


Emma is yelling for me.

Crying. And yelling.

Olivia says: "Mommy! Emma is poopy!"

[Yes, this IS going to be a poop post].

So, I grab the wipes and a Pull-up and find Emma standing in the living room. Actually, she was sort of squatting and bouncing up and down -- as if to dislodge something.

And she has huge tears rolling down her face.

"Mommy! Poop! STUCK!"

"Your poop is stuck?"

"YESH! Ow!!!!! STUCK!" And she continues to bounce up and down....yelling "poop! stuck!"

And this, my friends, is the comic relief for my day.

(For the record, nothing was "stuck"....it was just Emma being overly dramatic. As usual. THAT is why it was so funny. I'm not a horrible mother who would actually LAUGH if her child was in REAL pain.)


  1. Hee hee. This made me laugh.

    Ah, from the mouths of babes...

  2. I love " poop stories" !!! I feel not alone in the world called motherhood... he he!

  3. I can't decide if sharing this story is ok or not, it's either way too gross or totally hilarious, but here it goes...

    our bulldog bang had the "poop stuck" situation. it seems that there was some kind of... string involved. so she started freaking out and trying to run away from the poop that was hanging halfway out of her butt. zip zip zip all over the yard. i eventually had get a stick and help her out.

    sad times. i would hate to have that happen with a kid, but hopefully they aren't eating too much string :)