Well it's certainly not the Disney Channel

Olivia - who is 5 1/2 years old - LOVES Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International on SyFy. Oh, and Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel.

Yes. I let my kindergarten-age child watch a show about the paranormal and ghosts. Is there something wrong with that?

It started out innocently enough - I got hooked on Ghost Hunters a few months ago when I stopped watching LOST and needed something else to watch on Wednesday nights. I found Jason and Grant to be mildly amusing and I've always been fascinated by the paranormal and ghosts...so I was instantly hooked.

Then Kevin started watching. And it quickly became our Wednesday night ritual. Olivia happened to watch it a few times and now she waits for Wednesday nights and stays up to late (10 pm) to watch with us.

She says that it's not scary. I believe her. She told me today how "cool" it was last night on the episode she watched because "they saw a shadow!" My little ghost hunter.

But the funniest thing about this had to be her comment earlier this evening when she looked at me, completely serious and said: "What am I going to do on Friday night? I can't watch "Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana AND Ghost Adventures!!!!!!" I assured her that one or both shows would be Tivo'd just for her.

And all was right with the world again.

Her choice in favorite shows really shouldn't surprise me....after all, she decided that her new favorite ride at the Magic Kingdom was the Haunted Mansion. [That WAS surprising...I figured she would FREAK OUT as soon as the lights went out. But nope...we rode that ride probably 10 times that week].


  1. Hey, if she isn't totally freaked out... who cares? I can't believe she isn't though.... I can't sleep at night when I watch those. LOL!

  2. that's what is so amazing...she doesn't seem scared at all. it's all just really "cool" and interesting to her.

    i know...i watched ghost adventures one night when kevin was out of town and slept w/ the lights on all night.

  3. that is awesome! we are also addicted to ghost hunters! it is our wednesday night treat. not a big fan of that other one that is on the travel channel with the british people though.

    she's much braver than i am.

  4. @ the grumbles: oh yeah...i cannot tolerate that show w/ the british woman. she's so annoying.

  5. HAHA, that is awesome.

    I love the show (the original not international - a couple people bug me on that one). I love anything ghost related but I will not lie, I can get freaked out watching this show sometimes! She is one brave girl :)

    what did we do before tivo?

  6. @ WK: i know, my husband and i are always making fun of Joe on the international version -- he ALWAYS see/hears/ something. it's like "really joe?" haha.

    and what DID we do before Tivo? i cannot remember! :)

    have fun @ HP tonight, WK! i'm going to see it tonight too!

  7. Yeah, don't like joe.

    nice! You have fun too :)