100 days...but until then, you get 14 seconds

I know where I'll be on Nov. 20, 2009.

Acting like a crazy fangirl at the theater watching 'New Moon'.


  1. I am on vacation the following week and I think I might hit a matinee on the Monday--I am not sure if I could handle being in a room of squueeeing fangirls--would you even be able to hear the movie?

    I have no super obessed friends, so I would also feel like a loser in a room of screaming teenagers--like I was the Mom they made sit FAR away from them.

    I go to the movies by myself all the time--that is not a problem, but I think we should get a group of "old people" to go together to counter balance the teenage "hormones" (say that like Auntie did in My Big Fat Greek Wedding please)

  2. my sister and i have it planned that we're going to try and hit an "earlier" showing on the 20th...like 4 or 5 pm, in an attempt to avoid most of the screaming tweens.

    and, i swear i will throw things at any tween who SCREAMS during the movie. ;)