In need of a mommy timeout

Today has been one of 'those' days...where I'm just going and going and going...


I'm tired.

So far today I've done six loads of laundry, Swiffered the floors (with 2 dogs, 1 cat and 2 kids and all hardwood floors...this is a daily thing. Next time, I'm getting hairless dogs and cats), made the beds, put away several of those loads of laundry (the rest can sit and wait until tomorrow), and it's now almost 3 p.m., and I am still in my pajamas.

I mean really...why get dressed if you're just going to be at home all day? [Yes, that IS my logic. Well that, and I'm going out tonight and didn't feel like getting ready twice in one day.]

Seriously. Six loads of laundry? What the hell? I swear I do laundry every single day. And yet, there is always a load to be washed. Why? How is that possible?

Oh, and I baked.

Homemade banana bread. Want the recipe? Go here. I posted it online.

And now I'm ready for a girl's night out.

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