Born to shop, forced to cook

Yes, I 'borrowed' the title of this post from a magnet on my refrigerator*.

But it is SO true. Born to shop. Forced to cook.

If given the choice between shopping and cooking....I will always pick shopping.

I find walking aimlessly through Target to be oddly therapeutic. (I really believe that they pipe something through the air vents in Target that causes us to all be addicted to that red bullseye).

Cooking? Not so much. I love to bake - cookies, muffins, cakes (no pies). But cooking dinner? Gah. It is one of my least favorite things to do right now (right after laundry).

When I was a single gal....I often just ate a bowl of cereal for dinner. Not very nutritional, but I was young (and thinner!)...I wasn't so concerned with nutrition.

Now, as a mom....I suppose it's necessary to feed my kids a good dinner every night. But most of the time, I just dread cooking dinner.

Perhaps it's because it seems as though I'm ALWAYS cooking the same things. Or maybe it's because the only things my kids want to eat are (1) buttered noodles, (2) chicken nuggets or (3) waffles.

I have an entire shelf in my pantry dedicated to cookbooks. Rachel Ray, Emeril Lagasse, and Betty Crocker have all taken up residence in the pantry....and are currently collecting dust.

I make a 'resolution' every year that THIS is going to be the year that I'll break out a cookbook every week and make something NEW and EXCITING! And then, by the second week of January we're back to the same 'ol boring stuff.

I guess now that I'm a SAHM (again), I have no excuse to NOT be creative at dinner time. Maybe now is the time to start using those cookbooks and stop dreaming of having my own personal chef. And maybe we'll even use our wedding china once a week (yet another 'resolution' that I never keep).

*Did you ever wonder why there is no "d" in refrigerator, but there IS a "d" in 'fridge'? No? Well, now you know how I occupy my time. I think about silly, stupid things like that. ;)


  1. I hate it too! Mostly because I have really picky eaters and never get to make anything good.

  2. We should combine our powers as I love to cook and loathe shopping. Although cooking for an entire family might be exhausting. Moms are superhuman.

  3. I agree with Iris, I HATE shopping...it is like torture to me but I love cooking! Cooking is actually very relaxing to me...it is the cleaning after I don't like so much :)