And now I know the rest of the story....

It's a mere NINE days before the start of the school year, and today we FINALLY received a letter in the mail informing us that Olivia will be in the a.m. kindergarten session (with a teacher who will be named later).

As happy as I am to get this information, I'm also a bit annoyed. I get that it's all about the bus schedules and whatnot, but really...as a 'newbie' to the whole kindergarten scene, I was getting a bit nervous/agitated/frustrated with the lack of information being given to parents.

I was assuming that Olivia was in the a.m. session - only because I had heard 'through the grapevine' that another boy in our neighborhood (who went to preschool w/ Olivia) was in the a.m. class -- but to not know for CERTAIN until one week before school starts? That's a bit ridiculous.

And then there's the whole bus thing. They gave us no information on riding the bus when we had a 'kindergarten meeting' WAY back in February....so I had no idea that the bus stop was actually our driveway. That would have been good to know...and would have saved me weeks of anxiety -- there was a lot of time spent worrying about where Olivia would be standing in the elements, waiting for her bus to arrive. Had I known it was our driveway...well, let's just say that would've been one less thing to worry about.

I have to say....preparing to send your first born, your BABY to school for the very first time is stressful - you worry about whether or not they'll be OK on the bus, if they'll make friends on the first day, if they'll know anyone, if they'll miss you or cry or forget to go to the bathroom. I haven't been this stressed out in a long time. Now I'm sure that Olivia will be fine ... but it's that whole "Oh my gosh, I'm sending my baby out into the BIG BAD WORLD alone!!!!" thought process that wakes me up in the middle of the night.

And really...the school system could have made this whole transition a lot easier if they would be more organized and take a little more time to walk the 'new-to-kindergarten' parents through the steps.

[As an aside...I'm certain this will not be the last post about 'things that frustrate me' with regard to my kids' education. I'm thinking this is going to be a regular topic on the ol' blog].


  1. Yeah, around here they just found out if they'd be going am/pm kindergarten. That's just plain ridiculous!!!!! How are parents supposed to "plan" for the school year. Not everyone is so flexible!! I think our school systems make themselves look pretty bad by doing this.

  2. Sorry to hear about your experience, It should be better... 1 piece of advice I give to women and men with kids going in to kinder garden (my kids have been in military schools and civilian schools) is they don't give out much information but they are willing to answer whatever questions you may want. Go to the school and talk with someone about everything that's bothering you. It will help and you'll be informed. Don't let them inform you, do the leg work so you'll feel better about the situation. It will also help your child in the long run.. You may also help some other mom feel better if you know the information first.
    good luck..

  3. Yeah, unfortunately you are so right with you "aside" note- My two oldest are in 4th gr this year and my baby is going all day to 1st gr. I'm quickly realizing I'm not fond of the public school system...but unfortunately I can't afford private at the moment...have been weighing my options for homeschooling for that very reason.

    I'll share some helpful info...get involved with PTO and be a homeroom mom if you can be. It's the best way to get info on kids and their parents, teachers, etc...It really helps you understand the ins and outs because it's easy to feel out of the loop. Good luck on the first day and take lots of pics!! :)

  4. @ lisa...oh yes, i am already planning on getting involved w/ the PTO and doing the 'room parent' thing. i HAVE to be involved and know what's going on (it's the whole Type A personality thing)!

    and there will be lots of pics taken on the first day.... :)