Parmesan Chicken - The Results Show

The prep.

The cooking.

The finished product - overhead view.

And, another view.

Overall, I think the "Parmesan Chicken Experiment" was a success. My husband LOVED it. He ate two helpings. And the kids liked it too (they were served the chicken minus the mixed greens. I know, I know...but the whole lemon/olive oil vinaigrette wasn't something they'd enjoy.)

Check out the photo on the post below....I think my version looks OK -- it might not be as "neat" as Ina's...but I don't have a food stylist to make mine look perfect.

This recipe will certainly be added to my 'arsenal'.


  1. I like your plates.

    I couldn't face the shame of taking a photo of my stove.

  2. Looks wonderful!! Very nice job, I might have to give this a try!

    Your plates look alot like plates we have. Ours are in all different bright colors...like the one above, yellow and pink. The funny thing is they were actually Terry's from before we moved in together and mine are black and white! :)

  3. I believe, my friend, that I see a perfectly plated parmesan chicken.


    The only difference is Photoshop.

  4. thanks for the comments...my plates are Fiesta Ware -- i have 6 different colors (12 settings in all).

    @D -- no photoshop! :)

  5. Looks good to me!!! I love trying new recipes!

  6. Yum! And we have the same cookie jar! FUN!

    (When I got that cookie jar, Craig looked at it and said: "Why is Mickey's head in his pants?" I think of that (and laugh) each time I see it.)

  7. @Kylee....oh i love my Mickey cookie jar...and now i will look @ it and think "why is his head in his pants?" haha. :)