Please don't pee in the pool!

We spend at least two or three days a week at the pool. While I'm not a big swimmer (and don't really get a kick out of laying in the sun), the girls are mermaids.

However, since Emma is not yet potty-trained (she's only 2 1/2...I'm working on it...don't judge me!)...she has to wear swim diapers in the kiddie pool (and is forbidden from swimming in the "big" pool because she's in swim diapers).

Let me throw this out there right now: swim diapers are THE WORST INVENTION EVER.

No, really. They are.

They do not hold in the pee. Sure, they don't explode like regular diapers do in water...but instead they sort of fill up with the pool water and hold it in. And therefore, the pee has nowhere to go. Except down the kid's legs and well....probably right into the pool.

Yeah, think about that for a few minutes. All those kids in the kiddie pool ... all wearing swim diapers ... that's a LOT of pee.

Heck, even when these things are bone dry they don't hold the liquid.

Honestly, I have NO idea why anyone invented them.

So..here's a question for all the moms out there ... have you found a good swim diaper or an alternative to swim diapers?

(Yes, that is Emma striking a pose!)


  1. Swim diapers are STUPID. Have you ever tried the reusable training pants?

  2. No.... but I have to say that my son is 2 1/2 and while he sits on the potty once in awhile, I'm totally not pushing it until he's like 3. I had a nightmarish YEAR w/ my daughter (trying to train her). I'm holding out til the last possible minute with this kid. So don't feel bad... no judgement here!