Tonight's television thoughts....

I Tivo'd Jon and Kate + 8 last night.

There, I admitted it.

My thoughts....

- I'm wondering why in the hell anyone would think redesigning their kitchen in the middle of a separation/divorce is a good idea.

- "What planet do you live on?" - priceless.

- Those kids are freakin' adorable!

- "Horrification" (Kate's word) is what I feel when I look at those ridiculous earrings Jon wears. He is a total DB.

- The paparazzi need to find a more interesting "story" to follow. Really.

- The show was much more enjoyable when the whole divorce thing wasn't the underlying issue.

- I personally think that Jon Gosselin should be a 'guest' on Discovery Channel's Shark Week - stick his ass in a cage and see what happens. I'm betting the sharks would know he's a DB too.


  1. lol. so true. so true.
    I want to watch the train wreck. I just can't.

  2. it wasn't as MUCH of a train wreck as i expected...and oddly enough, kate actually seemed happy (i know, shocking!)

    i still think i'll delete it from tivo. ;)

  3. "I'm betting the sharks would know he's a DB too." KILLED me and made me spit out mt chicken.

    I pictured a shark eye roll at his ridiculous earrings, shirts, and gut.