Go Rockets!

Saturday is the 'big' game - UT plays The Ohio State University (....in Cleveland...go figure).

While I'm almost certain (almost) that UT will not win, I am going to cheer for them anyway.


1. They are the underdog in this game.

2. UT is my alma mater (OK...one of them - I went to law school at UT so I feel some sort of connection to them).

3. It's the hometown team.

4. My husband is cheering for OSU so they'll be 'covered' at our house.

5. I rarely (if ever) cheer for OSU (sorry, but I'm a UM fan - always have been, always will be).


Go Rockets! Beat OSU!


  1. UT beat U of M last year--so there is ALWAYS hope that they will beat OSU as well.

    (well, not a lot of hope, but people thought that last year too)

  2. oh i forgot about that! yes, there is always hope. :)

  3. My thought is UT is playing in the Browns stadium, 1st bad move because the Browns suck.

    Secondly, UT is closer to that state up north and they suck too, 2nd bad move.

    Oh well.

    Go Bucks, as always!!!

  4. This was a UT home game, but OSU refused to come to the Glass Bowl, saying it was too small so we had to go on the road.

    I was at the game - all Rocket-ed up! I am an OSU fan, but a UT alum, so we had to represent! I was odd to get heckled by a team that I root for.

    It was very disappointing that the Rockets didn't even score.