Reflections on a magical two weeks

For two weeks I was on cloud nine.

For two weeks there was the possibility of 'what if'.

For two weeks there was that dream.

For two weeks I was THIS CLOSE and hoping to get closer to my dream.

And now, I can only look toward next year.

Yesterday at 2 p.m. I received my 'you did not move on to Round 3' e-mail for the Disney Mom's Panel.

I have cried. A lot. I have wondered 'why?' and 'what didn't I say that needed to be said in 100 words or less?' And I just don't have the answer to that.

I know several of the moms and dads who did make it to Round 3 and they will be amazing representatives of all things Disney. And I am thrilled for them.

But I am still sad. And that's OK.

I've wanted to be a member of the Mom's Panel since it started. This was the third year that I've applied and the first time that I made it to Round 2. So maybe next year I can make it to the next round. Or maybe even to the panel. This year just wasn't "my" year.

The first year I applied (2007), I didn't say much about it. I sent in my answers and then we took the kids to Walt Disney World for a week. A few weeks later I received my 'rejection' e-mail and my invitation to join the Mickey Mom's Club and I was OK with it. When I applied last year I had more hope that I had might have a chance. But again, when I received that 'no' e-mail I felt OK.

This year feels different. I think part of the whole 'this feels different' is the fact that I'm now part of this big, wonderful, amazing and magical online Disney community through Twitter, Facebook and the DIS Boards.

The group of people whom I affectionately call "my Disney friends" are just that. Friends. We supported each other as we submitted our initial applications. And when the second round finalists were announced we cheered those who moved on and virtually hugged those who didn't. Many of us 'hung out' in the 'waiting room' of the DIS Boards before and after the second round was announced, sharing stories and having fun. Monday night a few of us on Twitter even formed the #TwitPack -- our own Disney "Rat Pack" of 3rd round hopefuls/2nd round finalists. A few of those friends moved on to round 3!

Yesterday as the first 'no' e-mails were sent out we rallied together and supported each other, as most of us did not move on to the 3rd round. There were so many Disney friends sending 'hugs' and 'condolences' and messages of support -- it was overwhelming. Some made me laugh, some made me cry. But all were wonderful. And then around 4:30 when the 'you made it to Round 3' e-mails were sent we celebrated together.

One of the best tweets from a Disney friend was by @mouseofzen who writes Disney haiku:

And so, I will be known (for at least the next year) as a Round 2 Finalist for the 2010 Mom's Panel. And I'm OK with with. Not making it to Round 3 is a minor bump in the road to the Mom's Panel. I can and will apply for the Mom's Panel again next year. And maybe, just maybe, I'll have enough luck and pixie dust to make it to the next round and ultimately to the panel. But for now, I'll continue giving Disney tips and researching my next Disney trip and loving everything about The Mouse.

And remember:

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you


  1. Great post! Here's to next year for both of us!

  2. oh a brighter note, I noticed New Moon is down to 22 days in your counter to the left. So THAT can be your next thing to look forward to. :) :)

    Hugs to you.