Boo to you!

Olivia and Emma ready for Halloween party #1

Emma as Snow White

Olivia the bride

Seriously cute.

After wearing this costume for about 30 minutes,
Olivia opted for a costume change and
became Tinker Bell -- nothing like 2 costumes
in one night of trick-or-treating. She's so low maintenance.


  1. your girls are too cute! I am also a big fan of the costume change...that is how it should be done.

  2. What cuties! Good luck with the post everyday thing. I really try, but some weeks get away from me! Can't wait to read them.

  3. @ WK: thank you. i am a big fan of the 1/2 way point costume change now! haha

    @ Allison: thanks! i've been thinking about what i can write about each day...but have decided that i'm going to go with whatever inspires me each day. we'll see how it goes! thanks for reading!