(Alpha) Bits and Pieces

I'm snacking on some Alpha-Bits cereal right now...and I'm pondering if there's enough variety of letters in the bowl so that I could write a 140 character tweet.

I think that means I have a slight obsession with Twitter.

Think about it though, all 26 letters of the alphabet are in a box of Alpha-bits...so theoretically, you should be able to spell words and perhaps write a complete sentence with what is in your bowl.


OK. Whatever. Moving on.

A few other things I've been mulling over today, in no particular order:

- I'm really annoyed and upset (not like boo-hoo, crying in my Alpha-Bits upset...but sad nonetheless) that there is NOT going to be a Children's Wonderland this year. See here. There was the hint of this last Christmas - you know, "hurry up and head out to Children's Wonderland because it might be the last year!"...but I really thought (hoped?) that our County Commissioners would work at trying to find a new location for this fun (and somewhat cheesy) holiday tradition. I've been going to CW since I was a little girl and now I've only been able to share it with my kids a few times? That is unacceptable to me. What bothers me more is that it sounds as if they KNEW this was going to be the case WAY back in June! Why not talk to the media then, so that maybe someone or some group in town would say "Hey! Let's keep this going!" Stupid County Commissioners. That's right. I called them stupid.

- Five Guys!!!! I have never had a Five Guys burger or fries...but I hear from some very reliable sources that it's the best burger and fries you'll ever eat. And since a Toledo location just opened today, I can test that theory soon. You know, in about 6 months when the excitement of "Oh my gosh! A new restaurant in Toledo!" has died down. Because we all know that whenever a new place to eat opens here in town it's like the city won the darn lottery or something. I think it's because there's nothing really to do here -- other than go out to eat. That is the only explanation I have for Toledo's on-going feeding frenzy.

- New Moon. Yes, I've already written two posts in the last week about it, but I have honestly never been this excited to see a movie. Ever. Sure, I was excited about seeing Twilight last year and couldn't wait for the DVD to be released. But it's different with New Moon. I have been waiting for this movie ever since last November after I saw Twilight. I have had the countdown widget going over there on the left for months. I'm re-reading the book right now ... just so it's all fresh in my mind. Because you know, the last EIGHT times I've read it isn't enough. And I watched Twilight again last night. Just because. In three days, at this very hour, I will be sitting in a dark theater. With Edward. And the werewolves. And I will be loving every second.


  1. URGGGHHHH!!!! I'm so upset and mad about the Children's Wonderland! I didn't know til I checked your blog- I've been avoiding the news lately. That's ALL my kids and I have been talking about and waiting for- it's where they see "Santa"- which they still believe he's real!- now we're not sure where to go to see him! boo hoo....:(
    okay- enough whining...sorry!

  2. I know...I'm upset about it too...it's so stupid that they couldn't find someone else to take over the display. I know that Santa is always @ the lights at the zoo and I think he'll be @ Levis Commons too. :)

  3. Oh my go sh, I had no idea about Children's Wonderland! That's AWFUL.

  4. The CW thing jsut sucks! I saw it on the new the other night and thoguht the same thing--why is this the FIRST we are hearing of it? I never doubted our move to Wood County for a minute--Lucas Cty Commissioners DO suck!

    OMG--I am glad I am not the only one re-reading New Moon this week--I am so psyched I cannot stand it!!!