Rejected...and it feels so impersonal

So, two weeks ago I blogged about how much unemployment stinks and I mentioned a little 'adventure' I had on a job interview - you know, wandering through a basement, taking a writing test in PENCIL ... things like that.

I really thought it can't get much stranger than that.

I was wrong.

My phone rang a little while ago and it went something like this:

Me: Hello?
Them: Hi. Is Traci there?
Me: This is Traci.
Them: Hi. This is so-and-so with XYZ and I just wanted to let you know that in the end we hired someone else for the communications specialist job.
Me: Oh, OK. Thanks for calling and letting me know.
Them: Sure. Thanks. Bye.

Uh, um....OhhhhKaaayyy.

Now, let me explain why this is so crazy to me. This employer is NOT some fly-by-night operation. They are a big employer here in T-town. A really BIG corporation. With a lot of employees.

And THIS is how they reject someone? By phone?

You might as well just send me a rejection Tweet.
Or Facebook me.
It would be just as 'professional' as a 15 second phone call.

Let me just state the obvious - I am so happy to NOT be working for these people. Unemployment might stink, but I have a feeling that working for a nutjob operation like that one might suck more.


  1. (I need to know who this company is.)

  2. Oh yeah--do dish!!!

    Owens Corning?

    Come on... :), yes I'm evil!

  3. haha! nope, none of those 3. :)