A marathon shopping day

Instead of hanging out at home today, watching the Browns lose again...Kevin and I decided to head out and do some Christmas shopping.

I dread this time of year.

OK, yes...that sounds horrible...but I really don't enjoy all the craziness that goes hand-in-hand with Christmas. I really dislike holiday shopping -- the crowds, the lines, the money being spent....and did I mention the crowds?

But, since we have two little princesses at home who are counting on Santa to bring them all the things they've asked for, we headed out - armed with toy books, Sunday ads, coupons and cash. And I have to say, we were quite successful!

We found some great prices at Wal-Mart (go ahead, judge me for shopping at Wal-Mart...whatever -- they have good prices). Case in point: I printed a coupon for $10 off the BluRay/DVD 4-pack combo when you purchase the movie "UP" ... and after using said coupon we got the movie for $9.96 (it retails for $29.99 but WM had it on sale for $19.96). Oh yeah!

After WM, we headed to Target where we scored another bargain -- the Barbie salon was listed as $20 in today's ad...but the Target toy catalog that came out two weeks ago had a $5 coupon for certain Barbie toys, including the salon....so cha-ching... $15!

Next stop...Build-a-Bear. We bought the Holly Moose and had a $5 off coupon (thank you lady in front of us in line!)...but we also had another $5 off coupon and a $10 off coupon AND a Frosty the Snowman to buy. The very nice clerk let us ring them separately...so Holly Moose retailed at $18 and we got her for $13. Frosty was $23 plus we had an outfit for Holly and the scarf/pipe/broom set for Frosty and $15 in coupons! More bargains!

And then, at Toys-R-Us we spent enough to get a "free" (hahaha) $10 gift card to use the next time we shop.

After that four hour shopping trip....we have ALMOST everything we wanted to buy for Christmas and the girls' birthdays (which are both in January, within a month of Christmas...great planning, I know!) One more shopping excursion (after Black Friday) and we will be DONE!


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  1. My kids both have Jan/beg Feb bdays and so we're in the same boat. I went to TRU today too and got the $10 gift card. I also hate crowds!!!!