What I won't be watching tomorrow morning

I won't be watching 'Good Morning America'.

Why? Well, it's my own little personal protest because quite frankly, I think the powers that be at GMA are narrow-minded, cowardly asshats.

And I quote: "Given Adam Lambert's controversial live performance on the AMAs, we were concerned about airing a similar concert so early in the morning," a spokesperson for the network said.

Um. OK. Sure.

I watched Adam Lambert's performance from Sunday night's AMAs. It was not that great -- not what I expected from the American Idol runner-up. The song was catchy enough...but the vocals were (to quote Randy Jackson) "a bit pitchy, dawg."

Oh, and then there was the gyrating, crotch grabbing, S&M-clad backup dancers, simulated oral sex (which is when the cameras quickly cut to another shot on stage...it wasn't as if you sat there and WATCHED it happen for any great amount of time), and then, GASP! He kissed another man!


So Adam Lambert had a somewhat "racy" performance and it was a bit shocking to some people. So what? So he kissed another man. (Which, if you watch the video was not in your face either, rather, it was sort of in the background. And again, not a big deal).

I just fail to see the problem here. He's a performer. He was performing.

Madonna kissed Britney Spears AND Christina Aguilera a few years ago. No one pulled their performances from any shows. Sure, it was the water cooler fodder for a day or two but again, not a big deal.

But this time around the Parent's Television Council has deemed Sunday night's performance 'vulgar' and urged its members to bombard ABC with complaints. And 1,500 complaints later, ABC has bowed to the pressure and canceled Adam's performance. [Oh and the PTC claims it was the 'simulated oral sex' that they have a problem with, not the 'gay kiss'. Right. I'm sure that's all they had problems with.]

Did ABC really think he was going to bring the S&M dancers with him to the morning show? I highly doubt it. The AMAs after 10 p.m. are a completely different venue than GMA at 8:35 a.m. - and I'm pretty sure any performer would know that.

Shame on you ABC.


  1. I was just talking about this with my sister, and I agree with you. He's an openly gay performer and I applaud anyone who is who they are and perform the music they desire. Catch up to the 21st century, dudes.

  2. Maybe early morning needs a little more gay s&m to get the day going.