The cruelty of some people is astounding

Last night, as I was catching up on Twitter, I noticed a few tweets asking for prayers for a mom whose son had just died.

Her Twitter name is @Military_Mom and her son drowned in their pool at home.
He was only two years old.

Almost immediately there was an outpouring of prayers and positive thoughts being tweeted to this mom -- from friends and complete strangers.

I don't know her - and I don't follow her on Twitter - but I sent a tweet to her with my condolences.
Because it seemed like the right thing to do and I cannot imagine her grief.

And then, this morning the unthinkable happened.

The monsters came out of the woodwork on Twitter. Stupid, ignorant, cruel monsters who are tweeting this woman directly and questioning the validity of her story. They are accusing her of lying, of creating an online hoax. These monsters are saying things like their husband is a cop and he's been searching for the accident report and there isn't one. They are calling hospitals asking if anyone with her son's name died last night. They are blogging horrible, horrible things about this grieving mother.

This is something I cannot understand.

Why would anyone want to attack a complete stranger via Twitter and accuse them of lying about something as tragic as losing a child? Who does that? Who has the free time to sit and home and think 'gee, how can I project as much hate as possible via my blog today?'

How can people be so heartless, so cruel and so unkind?
Who in their right mind would post a hate filled tweet or a blog about a grieving mother?

I cannot understand what it would possibly prove?
I think these monsters (they are NOT human) are just attention whores and thrive on being evil, hostile and hateful.
I can't think of any other explanation.

Hold your children close today. Love them a little bit more. Hug them a little longer.

And, if you are on Twitter and are so inclined, take a moment to send @Military_Mom your prayers and condolences.
You may not know her, but everyone deserves the kindness of strangers at a time like this.

Many, many people had many things to say about this today. This post says it all. And it says it beautifully.


  1. Hey, I mentioned you for "the award" to pass on - on my blog today. :)

    People are jerks and need a life. Really! Ugh.

  2. yes, these people in particular are total jerks (and that's being 'nice' about it). all of these people are passing judgment ("how could she tweet her son's death?!") -- when all she did was post 1 tweet asking for prayers, saying her son had fallen in the pool. she never posted that he died - her friends posted those tweets asking for prayers AFTER he died. and then she posted 3 pics of her little boy and this morning woke to people accusing her of horrible things. it's unreal.

  3. That is what sucks about being online and specifically these social website, you don't know what is real, what is fake and unfortunatly everyone has an opinion about something. It is ridiculous

    I agree we need to give more kindness towards strangers.