Oh Christmas tree....

Here's an informal, day-after-Christmas poll for you:

Do you take your tree down before New Year's Day or do you wait until sometime in January to undecorate?

Here at the TLC household, the tree and all Christmas decorations will be taken down and packed away by next Tuesday.

Yes, that's right -- I undecorate before New Year's Day.

Oh the humanity!

Growing up, my family normally left the tree up until after January 1, and it was always a bummer to see it all come down.

Fast forward to now and I cannot wait to get my house back to "normal" (or as normal as it can be with two kids who own more Barbie dolls and mini princess things than should be allowed).

It's not that I dislike Christmas or the decorations - it's just that after all the craziness of the holidays, I just want things back in their place. And that means the tree needs to be boxed up and stored in the basement for another year.

Kevin and I started our 'tradition' of decorating for Christmas on Thanksgiving morning when I was pregnant with Olivia (7 years ago). See, my due date was January 3rd and we had already planned that all decorations would be down before January 1st ("just in case"), so why figured "why not decorate on Thanksgiving morning?"

And now, that's our tradition - we decorate our house on Thanksgiving morning while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. So, by the time Christmas rolls around, the halls have been decked for a month.

And that's long enough for me.

As soon as Christmas is over (which in our family usually means about December 27th or 28th after all the other family "parties"), I start thinking about Olivia's birthday (January 9th) and then Emma's birthday (January 24th) -- I don't want to think about undecking the halls. I want to think about birthday cakes.

Taking the tree down before New Year's Day is what we've always done -- and I don't see that "tradition" ending any time soon.


  1. I usually wait until the depression that comes from Christmas being over sets in. So, usually the day after New Year's.

  2. We take ours down around New Years. I love o have my stuff up for as long as possible, however it usually comes down sometime early January.

  3. I usually just leave it up all year around. 1 because my house is big enough that I can ( I've done this for the past 3 years) but now that I've moved from upstate NY to Fl, my husband wanted to get a live tree and have my son help decorate it before he went to his duty station on Thanksgiving. So we got it and put it up, so we had to get it out of the house the day after Christmas but it's sitting outside and he puts the lights on every night till it's time to put it in the trash. I say, lets keep them up all year around...