We went to Disney World!

Enjoying our whole fish at Kouzzina.

Kevin and I just returned from our whirlwind, mini vacation to Walt Disney World. We had so much fun and some unwanted "adventures" in our travels to and from Orlando. [A disclaimer: this post might be a bit long, so you might want to get a snack before you sit down to read.]

Sunday, January 17th
We boarded our flight at Detroit Metro, full of excitement and anticipation - after all, we were going to Disney World! I should note there that I am OK with flying - except during take-off and landing. So, once we were up in the air, I settled in and started reading a magazine. And then the craziness started.

Suddenly the flight attendants are making an announcement asking for any doctors, EMTs or nurses on board to come to the front of the plane. I look up and see a woman in the aisle crying and freaking out and a few people leaning over a man in the middle seat.

This was not a good sign.

Then, the small crowd starts walking down the aisle of the plane, with a very pale looking guy in the middle. And then, the pilot announces that we're making an emergency landing in Cincinnati due to a medical emergency on board. And that's all the information we get.

Soon, we land in Cincinnati and taxi to the gate, where the plane is met by an ambulance, fire truck and police car. The paramedics and police board the plane and the next thing we know, the sick guy is WALKING OFF THE PLANE. That's right. I said he was walking off the plane of his own accord. No stretcher, no oxygen. Nothing.

And then, we sit at the gate. For an hour. They tell us nothing other than "we'll be leaving soon." Oh, and they give us WATER. Just water. Nothing else. The flight attendants claim they can't open anything else. Whatever.

Finally we're back up in the air, headed to Orlando. Then we hit horrible turbulence at 27,00 feet - and the pilot announces "well, it's a bit rough up here so I guess the Delta/Northwest weather guys were wrong, so we'll be heading up to 36,000 feet and see if it's less bumpy up there." Um, OK.

As the flight attendants come around with the beverage carts we're told that they are giving the alcoholic drinks for free but still have to charge for the food because "it's from a different vendor." Now I'm sorry, but after an emergency landing and an hour long delay at the gate in Cincinnati, the least they can do is give me some free M&Ms.

And if all that isn't enough .... when we are landing in Orlando the plane hits an air pocket or an updraft or something and suddenly the entire plane tips to the left (and I'm sitting over the wing and suddenly see the ground move very fast toward the tip of the wing!) and then we tip violently to the right and then we bounce down once and then back up and then we finally land (very HARD landing) and then the pilot slams on the brakes. It was THE WORST LANDING EVER. When we finally made it to the gate the entire plane broke into a round of applause - presumably because we were still in one piece.

So, after all that drama we were finally on our way to our Disney resort. Let me just say this - Disney's Coronado Springs Resort is gorgeous! We had a lake view room and it was so beautiful. As quickly as we could we boarded the bus to Epcot - where we explored the World Showcase and had a delicious dinner at Kouzzina by Cat Cora (which is located on the Boardwalk, outside the gates of Epcot). We got a bit brave at dinner and ordered the whole fish - and oh my gosh it was so yummy!

Monday, January 18th
On Monday I headed to the Magic Kingdom by myself! My favorite part of the morning was riding in my very own boat (all by myself!) in it's a small world! Kevin joined me later in the morning and we decided to ride the things we never ride when the kids are with us, like Big Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain. And we also met one of my Disney friends from Twitter and his wife! We ended up talking for two hours over Dole Whips - so much fun! Our magical day at the Magic Kingdom ended with Spectromagic and Wishes.

All in all, I spent 12 hours at the Magic Kingdom! That's right - 12 hours without taking a break at the hotel. My feet were killing me. (I should note here that the shoes I wore ended up being an epic failure when it comes to comfort. I will never wear them to Disney again.)

Tuesday, January 19th
Oh goody. Another day of travel.

First, they change our gate at the airport. Then, as they start boarding and we're walking down to the plane the kid in front of us vomits all over the walkway! Oh. My. Gosh. I had to hold my breath until I boarded the plane. And wouldn't you know it, vomit boy is sitting behind us. And as he gets out of his seat to go to the bathroom he TOUCHES THE HEADREST ON MY SEAT! With the hand that was just covered in ick. Oh. My. Gosh. I can't change seats because the flight is full. So for the entire flight I had to lean forward so that I didn't have to lean my head on the headrest (which I had doused with antibacterial hand gel).

This was NOT going to be a good flight.

We are supposed to leave at 1:55 p.m. We don't. At 2 p.m. the pilot announces that there's a mechanical issue and they have to turn off the engines and oh by the way, he's sorry that it's so hot on the plane but we have no A/C due to the issue and well, if we just shut the window shades it might be OK.

So, we're stuck at the gate on a plane with no A/C and a kid with vomit potential sitting directly behind us. Yep, we are in travel hell.

Finally, at 2:35 p.m. the pilot says we are leaving.
Which means we'll be late arriving to Detroit.
Oh and he's really sorry.

So, I spent the entire flight worrying that the kid behind me was going to be sick again. (He wasn't. And I should mention that his genius parents bought him a bag of peanut M&Ms. WTH? Who does that?)

We finally land in Detroit and had the only good moment of the entire flight - a totally perfect landing. It was as if the pilot had landed on a cloud. I wanted to hug him.

I grab a Starbucks and limp to the baggage claim and then, finally, we are in our car - headed home to our girls. Exhausted, but happy to be back home.

I have to say, that despite all the travel nightmares and delays and vomiting kids, Kevin and I had a magical two days at Disney World. It was definitely worth all the headaches.


  1. Holy cow. THAT was a bad flying experience!!!! Glad you had fun though!

  2. Yeah, it was the worst travel experience I have ever gone through! But we did have fun...once we were away from the airplanes! :)

  3. Sounds like a magical time at WDW....too bad the icky stuff was during your travel to and from!

    Can't wait to meet you...3 weeks!

  4. Allison - yes, WDW was magical! And I can't wait to meet you either!! So excited. :)

  5. I cannot BELIEVE your travel stories. They're awful. (I was following along with your facebook status updates while you were gone, as well.)

    However, how awesome that you and Kevin had a great time in spite of the craziness! Awesome.

  6. Kylee - I couldn't believe them either as they were happening to us. It was insane. But yes, we were able to still have a magical time! ;)

  7. Ummm . . . yeah so that plane story is scary. It may give me nightmares. LOL!

    I don't often judge other people's parenting simply bc I don't subscribe to the idea that I know better what is good for someone else's child; however, seeing parents feed their children high sugary foods (that are difficult to digest) when they are already ill is definitey a ???? situation. I have seen many a parent do this (some of them family and friends), and I always wonder where our society's common sense went.