Feel Good Friday - Let's try this again, shall we?

We interrupt the on-going blogging about my social media adventures for this week's installment of Feel Good Friday.

This week, I'm going to list 5 things that have made me happy in the past 7 days....so here we go:

1. My daughters make me joyous! When I came home on Saturday - after being gone since Monday night - the entire house was decorated. For my birthday. My girls had spent the week hanging streamers, coloring banners that said "Happy Birthday Mommy!" and well, it was unexpected and beautiful.

2. Hugs from my daughters. After missing them terribly while I was gone it was wonderful to snuggle with them.

3. My husband. I think we can all admit that we often take our spouses for granted and forget to say "thanks for being you"! My husband puts up with my grumpy moods, my Disney obsession, and my all around general nuttiness. And I love him for that. He was super dad last week while I was out of town - he even baked me a birthday cake (and cleaned the kitchen afterward!). I love this man.

4. New friends. Have you ever met a group of people who are more like long-lost friends than 'new friends'? I did. I spent 3 wonderful days with them last week. And even though I miss them something terrible, I am so happy to know them. You can meet them here.

5. Blogging. Yes, I said blogging makes me happy. While I AM in the midst of a slight 'identity crisis' as far as blogging goes - I'm looking for the "right" direction (and a better design for this here blog .... don't tell Blogger but I want to switch to WordPress ... I just don't know how!), I love sitting down and writing. I have ideas and plans for my blog....but when it comes to actually DOING IT...well, therein lies the rub. I will figure it out.

Happy Friday to you!

Do you have a Feel Good Friday? Join in!


  1. Great list! Happy Friday to you, too!

  2. WOW - thank you for bumping your scheduled post for me!

    OK - did you break down and cry when you saw the decorating???

    I totally would have!

    That was a really great list! Thank you again for participating!!!

  3. yes, I did cry when I saw the house decorated ... it was so sweet and unexpected! :)

  4. I'm with ya on the blogging thing...it makes me feel good too and I have so many ideas and need the time to figure stuff out!

    Have a great Weekend!

  5. What a wonderful birthday surprise!

  6. Like the look of the blog! nice job...

  7. thanks Lisa! I think I might stick w/ this look for a while :)

  8. Great list, how very sweet of your family to do that for your birthday!