I'm giving you ONE. LAST. CHANCE.

LOST used to be my absolute-must-see-TV-favorite-show.

And then something happened. I stopped watching it. I didn't care if I missed an episode or two or well, an entire season. I wanted to be entertained - and quite frankly the last two seasons were not entertaining to me. I don't want to think THAT MUCH while watching television.

[Yes, all you LOST fans out there - go ahead and start commenting now. You know you want to.]

In my opinion, the first season of LOST is something that will never be duplicated on television. It was awesome. Amazing. Mind blowing.

And the last 4 seasons?
Not so much.
It was just too many plot points, diversions, and people that I didn't really care about.

But tonight, I'm giving my former favorite show one last chance at redemption.

We'll see how it goes.

11:05 p.m. - I just spent 3 hours watching (first) the recap and (second) the season premiere. And I have this to say: I am intrigued. And am willing to add LOST to my Tivo once again. For now. Admittedly, I am totally confused, bewildered and uh, lost....but in a good way. Right now I really WANT to know what is going to happen next.


  1. I haven't watched it since they killed Mr. Eko. I never got over losing him. I don't know why I'm holding such a grudge.

  2. that's so funny! i'm still angry about that too! i was hoping he'd be back in a flashback or something.