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I don't know where to begin my recap of last week's Disney Social Media Moms Celebration.

There were so many magical, memorable moments and so many incredible people ... I am still processing a lot of it.

But, I'm going to attempt to walk down memory lane and hope for the best.

Day One
Wednesday, February 10

Having arrived just a wee bit early (um, Monday night) to Orlando, I was just a bit eager to arrive at Disney's Polynesian Resort and 'get the party started'! That being said, I grabbed a cab (well, OK..so it was really just a minivan driven by a soccer mom who I think was pretending to be a cabbie, but whatever) and arrived at the Poly at 8:15 a.m.

I walked in and heard a voice say "Are you with the social media moms?" I turned around, said "yes" and wouldn't you know it....it was my Disney Twitter friend Jen!. We hugged and we might have squealed like school girls (maybe) and, well, that was a great way to start the celebration!

After checking in, being given an amazing swag bag and meeting up with more friends (Jackie - who we greeted at the bus, and JL and her adorable kids)...we decided to head to the Magic Kingdom with our "magical fast passes" (seriously, who knew a little white plastic card could be so magical?!?).

Jackie, Jen, Me, JL and her kiddos!

Let me say this about meeting my 'online' friends 'in real life' - It was as if we had all known each other for YEARS and we were just reconnecting again after a brief time apart. These are some of the most amazing, incredible women I know and I am honored to call them FRIEND. We might have only had 3 days together, but I miss them all terribly and hope we can see each other again. Very soon.

OK....moving on before I make myself cry again.

After spending the afternoon at the Magic Kingdom (and meeting up with Lynne and Debbie), we were off to ESPN's Wide World of Sports for a "What's new in 2010" press event and a tailgate dinner party. We had no idea what to expect. The highlight of this press event for me was the announcement of the return this summer of the Main Street Electric Parade to the Magic Kingdom! This is the nighttime parade that I grew up watching and loving. If by some miracle I can make it back with the family this summer, I will be so happy! And if not, I hope that WDW keeps the parade for a while.

After the press event we headed to another field house for our tailgate party (note: the party was originally scheduled for outside, but it was COLD in Orlando last week! Too cold to party outside). I have to say - Disney sure knows how to throw a party! The food was amazing, the entertainment was great and everyone had a wonderful time. And, I spent the evening with incredible people (I would list you all here, but I don't want to forget anyone....so I'll post some photos instead!)

Jackie, Lynne, Jen, me, Allison, Cindy and JL

JL, Me, Cindy, Zanna, Jen, Jackie and Allison

The tailgate party was such an awesome event! We socialized. We laughed. And, I have to admit, I haven't smiled for so many photos since my wedding day. My face literally hurt from smiling!

We were surrounded by magic and we knew this was going to be a week we'd never forget!

After a while we quickly realized that the room had pretty much cleared out so "the group" decided it was time to head "home" to the Poly.

We were elated, exhausted and excited for what else was planned for us! [And we had to be on a bus at 7:20 the next morning! There's no time to sleep at Disney World!]

Up next: Day 2 - Breakfast with Guy, a podcast with Lou, and Dinner:Impossible

Disclosure: I paid for my fees for this conference, but we were given discounted rates and some exclusive gifts. I have not received any compensation for writing this content.


  1. What a great post Traci! I just love your recap on the first day. I should have started mine with my arrival at the Poly but I started with the first event. I love how you & Jen were waiting for me right out by the bus! That was so magical! :D [biggest smile EVER]

  2. Welcome Back!!! I am excited to hear more!!

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