A complete waste of postage and paper

Yesterday I had exactly ONE piece of mail delivered to my house.


It was from the Census - letting me know that in about a week or so I'd be getting the ONE page 2010 census in my mailbox and could I please take a few minutes to fill it out and mail it in, okaythankstheend.

I'm sorry...WHAT?????

You, the federal government, had to MAIL ME A LETTER that lets me know I'll be getting the census form MAILED TO ME?

Someone please tell me WHY FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY was that necessary?

I mean, don't you folks in DC have anything better to do than send out letters to everyone 'warning' us of the upcoming census? (Because you know, those annoying "snapshot of everyone" commercials aren't enough.)

I get it.
This year is the census.
It's important.
I will fill it out and mail it back and that will be that.

And to think, that was my plan the whole time - even before the government wasted my time and money sending me the 'heads up' letter.


  1. We got the exact same letter and I thought the exact same thing. Why waste our tax dollars on that?!

  2. DUMB! I was so annoyed by this letter as well.

  3. Odd. Really? A letter to announce a letter?

    That U.S. government...