Spring has sprung! (I hope)

Today the sun is shining (again).
And the temperature is warm (again).
So, after lunch the girls and I headed outside to play.

After a few minutes the coats were shed and the sidewalk chalk came out.
As did the bikes, scooters, and big wheels.

We had a regular "oh my gosh it's springtime!" party right there in the front yard.
And, we colored darn near the entire driveway (and it's a big driveway!).

It just felt so good to be outside.
In the sun.
Without a coat.

(At one point Olivia said, "mommy it's so warm outside, it's like being at the Magic Kingdom." Yep, that's my girl - a Disney kid through and through.)


  1. It sure does feel lovely outside. We had the chalk and bikes out the other day.

  2. I am so jealous! I love to chalk! We do it every single day we can in the summer!!!!

  3. It was SO nice outside today! I was loving it. Had every window in the house open, airing it out. Love fresh air smell after being cooped up all winter.

  4. I'm so jealous that there is NO SNOW in your driveway! We have a HUGE amount of snow still.... going to take like another month of sun to thaw. So even though it was warm enough for no coats, we had to wear snowpants and a coat so they could play in the snow. Blah!

  5. Aw, I love that picture. Yay for spring. I love all that spring signifies: new beginnings, growth! It's all good.

    Happy Spring!