The good, the bad and the Monday

So, the sun is shining today. I am telling you this, because seeing the sun in northwest Ohio for more than one day is, well, rare. At least until, oh, June.

And honestly, the sun has been out every day since Thursday. Or Friday.
Granted, the rest of the week's forecast is full of rain - but it's better than snow, so I'll take it.

Anyway, sorry. My thought train got derailed there for a minute. I blame it on the sunshine.

So...instead of writing many posts today, I figured I'd condense my Monday morning musings here.

The Good:

- Sunshine
- Spring-like temperatures
- My tulips are starting to bloom
- Mr. Freeze is OPEN for the season!
- "Alice in Wonderland" - seriously an amazing movie. It was gorgeous to look at. The actors were amazing. And, I love Johnny Depp just a little bit more. [I didn't see it in 3D because, well, 3D annoys me.]

The Bad:
- 99% of the dresses on the Oscar red carpet. Seriously. Did everyone fire their stylist this year? It was truly a parade of ugly, gaudy and Oh. My. Gawd.
- I'm still sick. Granted, I don't feel as horrid as I did a week ago. But I'm still coughing. And my head is congested. And did I mention I'm still coughing? I just want to feel better.
- Mr. Freeze is OPEN. Which means there goes any hope of dieting.

The Monday:
- I have 1,000 loads of laundry to put away. OK, really it's only 3. But it seems like 1,000.
- My house needs a serious cleaning and I have no energy to do it.
- "The Bachelor" wedding is on TV tonight. And I just KNOW I'm going to get sucked in and will end up watching it. Because even though you know you should avert your eyes, you can't help but look. Stupid reality television. :)

OK. That's it. That's all I have - no more rambling for now. I promise. I have closets to clean out and laundry to hang up.

Happy Monday.


  1. I too have enjoyed this streak of sunshine. I even had the windows open a few days and I'm not one that likes to open the windows til it's at least 60 outside.
    I'm still digesting all the words of wisdom you gave me the other day. The hubby seems to think it would be better to stay at Disneyworld, so it looks like I still have no idea what our real agenda is! lol

  2. I have my kitchen window open right now....just soaking in the "warmth".

    Well, let me know what you decide and I'll give you some info on resorts, etc. :)

  3. Loving this weather!!!

    I felt like everyone was wearing some degree of the same dress last night. I got bored very easily...

    p.s. I KNOW I will get sucked into that silly wedding tonight too. ...and I will regret it afterward. ;)

  4. I DID NOT KNOW about the Bachelor wedding. So THANK YOU for posting this. Even though I, too, should be doing better things w/ my life. :)

  5. Totally agree about the Oscar dresses, although I did like Sandra's.

    I am excited to see Alice, but never in 3D, too!

    Johnny Depp is just ageless and sexy!

  6. Hope your Monday was fairly decent ;)

  7. Are you feeling better?

    (I cannot WAIT to see Alice in Wonderland.)

  8. I am feeling better, Ky. thanks for asking! :)

    Alice in Wonderland was so amazing. I can't wait to hear what you think of it!