Some days I wonder where I left my brain

After nearly 7 months, I am apparently still "learning the ropes" as a parent of a kindergarten student.

Case in point:

Olivia did not go to school on Monday. She had spent most of Sunday night in our bed, coughing. She was exhausted. Sick. And so Kevin and I made the decision to keep her home.

He called the school to let someone (read: the voice automated system) know that she wouldn't be there. I stayed in bed with bronchitis.

Tuesday morning we sent Olivia to school.
I was still sick and not really 'with it'.

Wednesday morning we sent Olivia to school.

She came home from school on Wednesday with a yellow slip of paper that read:

"Dear Parent/Guardian: Your child was absent from school on March 1. As of today we have not received a note regarding this absence. Please send a note to the office explaining her absence so that our records are complete."

Um. Oops.

Today we sent Olivia to school with a note in her backpack explaining why she was absent on Monday.

It read:

To whom it may concern: Olivia C. was absent from school on March 1 due to illness.

I hope that is enough explanation so that their records are complete. And yes, I know that notes are required when a child misses school. I'm not that stupid. I just wasn't thinking about needing to send a note - I was busy trying to not cough up my lungs for the past few days. But boy did I feel stupid when I saw that note from school.

I doubt that I will forget anymore.


  1. I always feel so silly writing the notes to excuse my daughter from being absent. How many different ways can you say "She didn't feel well"?! lol

  2. I know! I thought about it while I was writing that ONE line - should I go into detail, like "she was awake in our bed all night coughing and had a runny nose and I really thought it was in everyone's best interest if she stayed at home"..in the end, I stuck with "due to illness" LOL

  3. That's so odd- our school doesn't enforce notes except when being picked up early- a simple call w/ explanation should do the trick! I wouldn't feel stupid if I were you...seems a rather archaic manner if you ask me.

    ps...funny- my word verification is
    "revin" (like kevin...!):)

  4. Lord, girl...those schools are sticky about notes! (No pun intended there!)

    I know cause, uh-I take my kids out of school to head to Disney!

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