Sometimes life would be easier without e-mail and smartphones

I spent 6 and 1/2 hours yesterday trying to resolve an issue with my Verizon online/e-mail accounts. Yes, that's right. SIX AND A HALF HOURS.

See, anyone who uses Verizon for their Internet/e-mail provider found out a month ago that our Verizon/Yahoo e-mail accounts were going to be migrated to Verizon.net as of March 27th. We were told that it would be a simple migration and then we could use TrueSwitch to transfer any old e-mail and our contacts from Yahoo to Verizon.

For future reference - nothing is ever simple.

I tried to transfer my old e-mails and my contacts.
It only partially worked.
Then I tried to transfer my husband's old e-mail and contacts.
Nothing worked.

And then my e-mail accounts stopped working completely.
As did my BlackBerry's e-mail delivery from Verizon.
At the same time.*

So, I did what any social media savvy mom would do - I went to Twitter and 'shouted from the rooftops' about how I had no e-mail and how it was @Verizon's fault and that I was going to keep tweeting @Verizon until (1) the cows came home or (2) someone responded.

Five minutes later I had a direct message from @Verizon - "We would love to help. Please let us know what is wrong."


See.....Twitter is a wonderful thing.
You talk.
They listen.

And, let me say this - @VerizonSupport was wonderful. ^CP was the screen name of the individual at @VerizonSupport who spent his entire afternoon trying to fix the e-mail issue. He made me his #1 priority (and even told me I was his top priority). He did everything in his power to fix the issue before his shift was over at 5 pm.

The best part? He was able to get the problem fixed. His tech people forced the migration of both e-mail accounts and by 4 pm yesterday all was right with the inboxes once again.

However, I still had an issue with my e-mail not being delivered to my BlackBerry.
(And the 'tech support' for @VZWSupport on Twitter was horrid).
I assumed it was due to the migration from one server to the other.
I should really work for Verizon.
I was right.

After spending two hours this morning on the phone with tech support at Verizon Wireless (they were kind enough to spend 45 minutes on the phone with me the first time and then they CALLED ME BACK to check if the issue was resolved and when it wasn't we spent more time talking).

The very nice tech guy today listened to my 'assumption' and he said "you're right...it is because of the migration - the switch to the new server messed up the BlackBerry service."

Hmmm. Now call me crazy, but don't you think it would have been a REALLY GOOD IDEA for Verizon to notify BlackBerry customers that this could be (and likely would be) an issue after the migration?


Long story short (ha!) - the e-mail is being delivered to my BlackBerry again.
And I am happy (about that, at least).

*I have to say, at this point yesterday when I had NO e-mail, I tweeted something like "I think I fell into the hot tub time machine and landed in 1994. No e-mail!"


  1. I am sorry about all of that trouble, but I have to say it is pretty cool how effective twitter was - that is scary cool.

  2. See! Twitter worked just like it is supposed to! Glad you got all that fixed! You were "scary" last week! Haha! Just kidding girl!

    Glad it's all done and over with now!

  3. I too suffered the great "Verizon switch over of 2010" What a cluster**** that was-- right?

    I didn't even have the Yahoo issues you did--but it was IMPOSSIBLE to log on remotely for verizon.net emails for almost 2 days while they figured out what they screwed up.

    Glad it is all working for you now.

  4. hey traci-

    this is unrelated...
    but you should go check out thepioneerwoman.com (don't know if you read her) but she needs advice on Disney World...and I thought you'd be the perfect one to give her some insight....:)

  5. @Lurker Girl: Oh yeah, great idea Verizon! Geesh. Their webmail is a hot mess. I'm still having issues. Each time I 'reply' to any email about 100 lines of code show up in my reply. I called tech support and they said "Wow. Um. Uh. Well, we're still having issues and we hope to have them fixed soon." Ugh.

    @ Lisa: thanks. I'll head over to that blog. :)

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