Feel Good Friday - The Saturday Edition

Honest to goodness, I need to work on blogging.

It appears I skipped this entire week -- only posting one thing on Monday. Oy.

And, it wasn't a bad week. Or that busy. I have no excuse.

So, without further ado, my Feel Good Friday on Saturday.

In no particular order, these 5 things made me feel good this week.

1. Friends
It's funny how a glass of sangria, some tapas at Poco Piatti and a hour of good conversation with a good friend can make all the difference! I had been in a blah funk/mood for most of Tuesday (a serious lack of chocolate combined with a general frustration will do that to you) and after having dinner with a friend all was right again.

2. Spur of the moment decisions
So...we're taking the kids to Disney World next month. We decided last weekend - rather suddenly - that we were just going to do it! We had a good price on a complete package and well, we're going to Disney World! The girls are VERY excited. (So am I).

3. Party!
Tonight my sister and I are throwing our "New Moon" viewing party. We're having "Team Edward" (blue) and "Team Jacob" (red) Jell-o shots, a birthday cake (for Bella's birthday), and lots of other yummy foods. (Also for fun: muffins in honor of the wolf pack, marshmallows because Mike Newton is "a marshmallow" and Lemon Drop martinis because they are sunny and yellow...just like Jacob is Bella's sunshine.) Yes, we are total dorks. Thanks for noticing. :)

4. Naps
You know sometimes you just have to nap. For example, when it's cloudy and rainy and cold and dreary like it was on Thursday and you have a splitting headache and the kids are resting and you think "gosh, I could fold the laundry or just take a nap right here on this couch" and well, the nap wins out. Yeah. Naps rock.

5. Twitter
I am a huge fan of Twitter. I could go on and on...but let's just leave it at that. I love Twitter. And I love the #Disney community on Twitter.

OK...that's it. Feel Good Friday on Saturday.
See you next week!

And with that, I have to go deal with @VerizonSupport on Twitter. I am hating Verizon online right now - they are in the midst of some 'big switch' from VerizonYahoo! to verizon.net for email services and everything is an epic #FAIL.


  1. mmmm....Sangria, friends and tapas. Not much better than that!

    YAY that you get to take your family to Disney!!

  2. Yes- the #Disney twitter community ROCKS!!!

  3. I am with ya on the blogging difficulties - life is moving pretty fast! LOVE that you planned a quick trip to Magic next month - can't wait to read the details! Love ya!