Sometimes you just have to call 'em like you see 'em

For the record, I think both Jon and Kate Gosselin are attention whores.

That being said, I think Jon is the bigger attention whore.

(Wow. I just used the word 'whore' two times in the first two sentences of this post. And then one more time, just for 'effect'. I'm sorry. Sort of. And I might swear some more. You've been warned.)

In case you missed the "news", JG is suing KG for primary custody of their eight children (who will all be in therapy before they're 20 years old, by the way).

He claims that because KG is "working" on Dancing with the Stars, she is an 'absentee mother'.

I'm sorry, but WTF?

I thought I heard Mr. Unemployed-but-still-sporting-Ed-Hardy-T-shirts say that because Kate works she's an absentee mother. I beg to differ, asshat.

Kate is working to support her eight kids, which is more than I can say for The Mayor of Loserville.

What has he done lately - other than (1) force the cancellation of the family's main 'money maker' "Jon and Kate + 8", (2) flaunt several VERY young 'girlfriends' around the country and across the pages of Us Weekly, (3) made the front page of every tabloid/trash magazine out there - usually in stories about how his 'girlfriend' of the minute has dumped his sorry butt, and (4) sued his ex-wife for various things.

What has JG done lately?
Oh that's right.
He hasn't done anything.
Dude doesn't have a job.
(Yeah, neither do I...but I'm not a tabloid TV star suing their ex-spouse for child custody, so don't go there, OK.)

So instead of getting a JOB, he's suing his ex-wife for having a job.
And for wanting to work.
And for supporting their kids.

Memo to Jon Gosselin: None of those things makes Kate an 'absentee mother'. It just makes you look like a bigger ass than you did before. (Who even thought that was possible?)

And yes, I realize that she's in Los Angeles every week for DWTS - but, from what I understand she rehearses at her house in Pennsylvania so that she's with the kids most days each week. And where is JG? Holed up with his flavor of the week, probably.

I find him truly disgusting and his actions reprehensible. How DARE anyone claim that someone is an absentee mother simply because she is working and supporting her kids with a job that happens to take her out of town a couple days each week. While I don't agree with most of what KG does/says, I do think she is doing the best she can in this situation. Granted, her 'job' isn't a traditional job - but they both chose to be in the limelight and these are the cards she was dealt. (Pamela Anderson and Niecy Nash are also single moms who happen to be dancing this season - you don't see their exes suing them for custody, do ya? Nope. You don't.)

Ponder this: do you think if KG had been (mercifully) voted off on Tuesday night that JG would have filed this suit? I think not. He waited until she was "safe" to make his move. And what if KG had merely gone back to work as a nurse (her 'real world' job before becoming a reality TV star)? What if she was working a late shift a few days a week? Would THAT JOB also make her an absentee mother, according to JG? Doubtful, very doubtful.

As much as I dislike both KG and JG, as a mom I have to side with Kate in this 'battle'. She might REALLY suck at dancing, but she's doing what she thinks is right for her and her kids.

[And, did you see that KG has a new gig? I won't be watching....but I think the title is rather witty...."Twist of Kate"...oh and what does JG have planned??? That's right....a whole lot of nothing.]

Second memo to JG: You are a loser. Throw away those Ed Hardy shirts, take out the diamond earrings and get a freaking job. You'll need the money to pay for your kids' therapy.


  1. Well said Sister!!!
    JG Is THE biggest wannabe-asshat-KFed-non-celebrity (who thinks he is)!! He needs to get over himself, as we all did, lonnnng ago!

  2. I agree he is such an ahole!! when I heard that I could believe it, because he has nothing better to do.

  3. #1. I love that you used the word, "asshat" in a post. One of my faves.

    #2. Ridic. Last I checked "absentee" wasn't synonymous with "working" mother.

    #3. He hangs out with Lindsay Lohan's Dad. 'Nuff said.

    He's a pig.

    (I did happen to see a clip of Kate on Extra (just flipping through the channels) and she was all Dancing with the Stars dressed up... is it bad to say that she kind of looked like a hooch? I mean, it's just so contrived. Kate as pretty, celebrity Mom? Hmm...)

  4. Okay, first of all, I have to say I very much enjoyed your use of the word asshat. I vote it should be used more. It's one of my favs.

    Second, I totally agree with you and had this convo with my husband last night. One of the gossip shows said they rehearse 6 hours a day....umm...most working moms work 8-9 hours a day. So, how is she absentee when she's really working less than most working mothers?

    He truly is the definition of an asshat.

  5. According to my US Weekly (don't judge, I subscribe), he has been living with his 25 year old girlfriend's parents. If that's not synonymous with 'douchebag', I don't know what is - besides the word asshat, of course. :)

  6. Nic - Oh yes, I saw that story too in US Weekly (I would never judge...I buy it every week @ the store!). LOVED your comment! :)

  7. he is totally an asshole.

    BUT, i hate both of them. her hair creeps me out even more now that it is all "styled".

    can i say something very un-PC? i love that she is failing at that dancing show. every time someone talks about how horrible she is on it i laugh and laugh.

    there's my feel good friday ;)

  8. the grumbles: i'm also rather amused that she's SO bad on DWTS. it's painful to watch, but also funny at the same time. to know that Little Miss Perfection is horrid at something, well...it makes me feel better LOL :)

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