Feel Good Friday - Back in the saddle. Again.

Well what do you know? I actually blogged more than once this week.

It's darn near a miracle, right?

Oh yes. I'm back in the blogging saddle again.

So without further ado....my Feel Good Friday Top 5 things that made me happy this week.

1. Green
Normally, green is bottom on my list of favorite colors. Except during the early spring when all the brown, dead things in northwest Ohio start turning green. The grass is greener. The trees are sprouting leaves. Everything is turning green and it's lovely.

2. Spring Break
Olivia has been on spring break all week...which means we've been "sleeping in" (until 7:30!!), lounging around all morning and generally just chilling out. It has been a very relaxing week. We even made it to the zoo - despite Mother Nature's attempts to rain us out.

3. Countdowns
We have a tradition of creating countdown calendars whenever we have a family trip planned. And according to our current countdown calendar we have 15 days until we leave for Disney World. I cannot wait.

4. Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs
Chocolate. Peanut Butter. Need I say more?

5. You
Yes, you my dear readers. Thank you for sticking around even when I don't post for a week. Thanks for commenting and saying witty things (because you always do!). Thanks for visiting. :)

OK that's all for this Friday .... join in the fun, won't you?
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  1. But your blog is green!!!! Green is my fav color, but I love all colors really :-)

    Every night my husband and I have been eating a Reeses Egg - wow and yum!

    Have a super weekend with your family - Spring Break is the BEST!

  2. LOL! yes, I guess it is. :)

    I'm more of a purple/pink kind of girl....

    Hope you have a good weekend too!

  3. #4...I'm jealous!!! I can't get enough chocolate lately...

    Enjoy the rest of your spring break!

  4. Oh, Lord, peanut butter eggs! I absolutely, positively can't resist them. I can pass right by a regular Reese cup, but put it in an egg shape and it's all over.

  5. Great post. Now someone pass me the peanut butter eggs, lol.

  6. Seriously, those reese's eggs are amazing.

    Every night C. and I eat one, too. ALL THAT PEANUT BUTTER in one little EGG???


    So much better than a regular reese's cup.

    (have a good weekend!)

  7. 15 days until Disney? That's awesome! Hope you have a wonderful trip.

  8. What neat things to feel good about!
    Hope the next 15 days go fast for you!

  9. Green is my favorite color all year. Spring is magically beautiful.

    I think I better not start up with a reese's PB egg. I used to love cadbury eggs.

    from FGF

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