The ducks are back in town!

And by ducks, I mean....real, live ducks.

We have lived in our house for 5 years and each spring we've been visited by a 'duck couple' - they show up in mid-to-late April and stay until (presumably) their babies are born. We've never had a nest in our yard...but I am thinking that might change this year.

See those two cuties up there? Well, I'd like you to meet Donald and Daisy Duck. (Yes, we gave them Disney names this year...WHY does that surprise you?)

They've been here since Saturday and rarely leave our yard. (Granted that might have something to do with the fact that I am continually feeding them bread and crackers....but I digress). They drink out of the basketball hoop stand. They spend HOURS every day just sitting in our side yard, under the bushes. Donald seems very protective of Miss Daisy....so I'm thinking she might be laying eggs soon. In our yard. (Of course I could be totally wrong about that....we'll have to wait and see).

Donald the duck is very friendly though...as ducks go. He walks right up to me and quacks - as if to say "hey crazy lady...we're hungry...how about some more bread?" It's rather cute, I have to admit. I've also been known to 'escort' them across the street - so as to prevent any crazy drivers from running them over and squishing them.

What can I say? I'm a full service duck lady - I feed, I water and I assist in street crossings.

[Oh and for the record, we change the duck names every year. For the first couple of years they were "Tony and Carmella" from The Sopranos. And then last year they were 'Edward and Bella'. This year the girls decided they were Donald and Daisy.]

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  1. I love ducks, they are so funny and cute!

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