One door closes, another door opens....and I could not be happier

So, today was my last day of work at The Job.

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am.

Yesterday, I received a job offer for a new gig - and I accepted. This new job is EXACTLY what I've been looking for and it's with a local office of a national organization (no, I'm not naming them here) and I am SO FREAKIN' EXCITED about it.

Today I gave my two week notice.
My now ex-boss was not pleased with the news.
It was a very unpleasant two minute conversation.

Yeah. That's right. Two minutes. Tops.
There was no 'well, what can we do to keep you here?' (um, nothing!) or 'sorry to see you go'.
It was just "Oh. OK. That's a shame. Go tell HR."

I even offered to stay 'on' until next Wednesday (because it was the RIGHT thing to do!) but I was told that today was my last day.

So, at 1 p.m. this afternoon I walked out into the hot, humid sunshine a "free" woman.
And it felt so good.

There have been so many things wrong with The Job since the day I started - lack of communication, promises broken, blah blah blah. It was a bad deal from the get-go and I'm happy to be moving on.

I am very excited about this next chapter and what it will mean to me professionally.
I feel good about this job.
Really good.

I just want to be happy doing something I love.
This new gig is quite possibly what I want to be when I grow up.


  1. Congratulations! I hope it is all you hope for!

  2. How wonderful is this! and just think... you were just worrying about the odds of getting the job because so many people applied :)

  3. That sounds like great news for you! Congrats and I hope it turns out well for you!

  4. CONGRATS! I hope you love your new job!!

  5. I know I'm late to your party Traci, but I just read this post!

    Congratulations! I can't imagine how you felt working there, but walking out must have been great! :)

  6. Thanks! It was such an overwhelming sense of relief to walk out of that office and know I never had to go back.

    I am so excited for this new chapter...I think (hope) it will be a great opportunity for me. :)