A day of firsts

Today, on September 1st, my firstborn had her first day of first grade.

It was a day of firsts, for certain.

But let's go back to last night for a bit....

We went to open house last night ... and let's just say it was total chaos. The air conditioning in the school was OFF and it was 95 degrees outside and we had to stand in line just to get Olivia's school pictures taken. Yes...they take school pictures ON open house night. I have no idea why.

So, we stood in line. Finally reached the new, air conditioned gym, tried to get more than a small smile out of Olivia with no success. And then we got sucked into buying useless 'spirit' items (i.e., a window decal for my minivan) from the PTA...I just can't say 'no'...and then finally it was time to meet Olivia's teacher. The teacher was nice and enthusiastic and Olivia seemed very comfortable about the whole new world of first grade.

This morning....

Olivia was partially awake in OUR bed at 4:30 a.m. -- we told her she had to "sleep in" until 6 a.m.

By 5:45 a.m. she was wide awake.

She had wanted to wear a new dress to school today.
But, today was gym class.
So, it was shorts, a sparkly tank top and her new, glittery 'sneakers'.
Not exactly a "first day of school" outfit...but it worked.
She looked cute.

But honestly..gym class on the FIRST day of school?
Who had that brilliant idea?

I will admit right here in this blog - I was very nervous about the whole first grade experience - this was going to be the first time she had all-day school, gym class, lunch in the cafeteria...you know...'big kid' things.

You know what?
I had nothing to worry about today.
Olivia did great.

She excitedly told me about the 'bathroom rule' (have to ask to go), the other classroom rules, eating lunch in the cafeteria, being a class helper after lunch, playing on the playground, gym class, music class, and what kind of school work they did today. And she finished the day's recap with this: "Mommy, I want to buy my lunch tomorrow!"

As is normally the case...I was worried for no good reason at all.

My first born had a wonderful first day in the first grade.


  1. Remind her of this day when she hits middle school and REFUSES to buy Lunch ;)
    Congrats Olivia!!!!!!!! Enjoy 1st Grade cuz the next 11 years will fly by!

  2. So glad she had a good day and that you had nothing to worry about. It's always nice when that works out that way!

  3. Glad she had a good first day. I agree about the gym class on the first day! WHY?
    Hope she has a fantastic year of school!

  4. oh my goodness! I have goosebumps for you! I'm soo happy that things went so well for her!

    And the no a/c thing-I just don't get! Our school has the same problem and it's horrible for the kids!

    School pictures on open night??? What are they crazy?? I can't imagine the craziness that must've been? The poor photographers! :)

  5. happy to report that day 2 went swimmingly as well :)

    she was even "brave" enough to buy her lunch. and sit with a boy at lunch (oh no!!!) ;)