Almost five years old

My blog is almost 5 years old.

How is that possible?
I've been blogging since September 2005.


And it's been brought to my attention lately (by several, um, "sources") that I don't blog enough anymore.

Yeah. I know this.

I miss my blog.
I miss blogging on any kind of 'regular' basis.
I hate to say it, but my blog suffers from irregularity.

I wonder if there's a 'cure' for that?

I have no REAL good excuse for not blogging more.
I mean...I always have something to say.
I just lack the time in which to say it.

I suppose I could stay up until midnight every few days and catch up on blogging...but that might make me somewhat cranky. :)

I am going to do better at blogging.

I miss my blog.
And, if anyone is still out there reading it....

Thank you for sticking around.


  1. Happy Blog Anniversary. I've been blogging since January of 05 and this is the first year I've blogged every day (doing the GIST LIST helps). Hopefully you find time to enlighten us on the happenings, thoughts, and feelings going on in your world!

  2. Wow! That is great! Happy 5th blogoversary!

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    I suck at blogging lately too. If you find a cure, please pass it on. ;)