A love note to Twitter

My darling Twitter,

Oh how I love thee.

We've been seeing each other since February 22, 2008, (that's 2 years, 5 months, 3 weeks, 6 days, 10 hours, 28 minutes and 53 seconds as of RIGHT NOW if you're really keeping track).

At first, I wasn't sure if I really liked you. I mean, you were cute and friendly and seemed to have a good purpose. But I just wasn't sure if you were meant for me. I had a long-standing, serious love affair with another social networking site (ah-hem, Facebook) and we were quite serious.

But I gave you a chance.
We flirted for a while.
I tweeted, some people responded.
It was OK fun.

And then last year something happened.

You introduced to me an amazing, incredible, funny, charming, engaging, magical group of people. (Yes, that would be you, my Disney friends....but you probably knew that.)

And suddenly....just like THAT...BAM!...I was smitten with you.

Head over heels in looooooooove.

And today we celebrate a milestone of sorts in our 'relationship' .... because today I hit 13,000 tweets. A friend called it "tweeterific" and I think that is the perfect sentiment for it.

So Twitter....you are absolutely tweeterific.
And I am so happy we met.
Thanks for the memories we've made so far.

Here's to the next 13,000 tweets.
(I'm guessing I'll hit at least 20,000 tweets by the end of this year.)


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