Happy Turkey Day!

It's that time of year again....

You know...time for family drama, overindulging, and tryptophan comas at 5 p.m.

It's Thanksgiving!!!

OK, yes.
I jest about the whole family drama thing....just a bit...but only because I know my mom is reading my blog right now (hi mom!).

In all seriousness though, I love Thanksgiving.
And it's not just because this curvy girl can overindulge and not feel the slightest bit of guilt over that second piece of pecan pie.

Nope, it's because it is the ONE holiday that is still (for the most part) about family.
Halloween is fun, but it's all candy and craziness.
Christmas is so commercialized ... I still enjoy it, but more so because my kids love it.

But Thanksgiving....it's all about family.
We cook too much food.
We eat too much food.
But we're together.
And that's what matters.

So, without getting too sappy I'll say this - I'm thankful that my family is in one place and we can gather together tomorrow and enjoy an amazing dinner. Together.

And with that, I'd like to wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. I TOTALLY agree. Thanksgiving is nothing but food and family. How awesome is that! However, I do agree with your tweet of spending the holidays in WDW instead :)