Once in a blue moon....

....is apparently as often as I'm going to actually write a blog post.


Once in a blue moon.
Perhaps I should rename my blog?
the view from my fishbowl every blue moon

As it is, tonight IS a blue moon and so I figured 'what the heck....let's blog!'

I haven't had much to blog about lately, I suppose.

The girls were both sick - Emma had pneumonia and the Olivia had an upper respiratory virus thing (as did half the city, I think).

Work has been busy.
I think I'm finally finding my niche - and (drum roll please!) I get to start a blog.
At work!
So, on top of the whole social media thing, I also am going to get paid to blog.
Seriously awesome.

Oh and since it's November 21, we decorated the house for Christmas.
Yeah, the whole house.
Today. Before Thanksgiving. I must be crazy.
The tree is up and trimmed.
The outside lights are twinkling.
It's all so stinkin' festive I can't handle it.

No seriously.
I can't.

I'm just not quite "in" the holiday spirit yet.
Now, I'm not all 'bah HUMBUG' or anything like that.

It's just .... didn't we JUST DO CHRISTMAS?
Like last month?
(Admit it...it seems like we just slogged through this whole holiday thing**.)

I'm sure once I've over-indulged on Thursday, and heard some Christmas tunes on the radio, and enjoyed a few more gingerbread lattes at Starbucks, and actually STARTED Christmas shopping...then I might be "in" the holiday mood.

And then, within mere days (hours?) after Christmas, I will be ready to take down every single decoration.
You know, like on December 26.
I'll be ready then.

But I'll wait until the 28th.

**I'm not being a Scrooge...really. I actually do enjoy the holidays.


  1. I was just noticing how many people have their lights up already. It's fun to get in the spirit!

  2. We put our outside decorations up today too, but only because it was unbelievably warm, so I had to take advantage of that. I am ALWAYS ready to take down the decorations the day after Christmas. It helps to restore the chaos that all the parties, presents, and visitors bring. lol