Clearly I lost the 'blog every day for a month' challenge this time

Yes, it's true.
Once again NaBloPoMo has brought me to my bloggy knees.

I blame no one but myself for this failure.
It's all my fault.

I really was trying to be successful ... but as is always the case, life got in the way of my best blogging intentions. Which is really silly to me, since my blog is all about my LIFE. And all the craziness that happens in my life.

So what really happened to lead me to fail at NaBloPoMo?

Well, let's see. Things got a bit "weird" at the job. I became disillusioned with some things and some people. Then I went to Disney for a few days for a social media celebration and while I have at least four blog posts that I NEED to write about the events, I am still processing everything and have yet to write a word.

Oh and then I got sick.
With bronchitis.

I knew last week that something was amiss....my throat was so sore (which for me is always an indication of bronchitis right around the corner). I "toughed it out" on Thursday. Called off sick from work on Friday. Suffered Saturday and Sunday. And finally called the doctor today - and took another sick day. At first she thought it was pneumonia. But after a breathing treatment in the office, it was determined that it was just a 'serious case' of bronchitis.

And now I'm on antibiotics, prescription cough medicine and an inhaler.
I'm exhausted and have zero energy.

So....blogging is going to have to wait until I feel better.

But I promise my posts about the Social Media Moms Celebration will be worth the wait. The entire event was so magical...I can't wait to share!


  1. Feel better soon! This has been a rough season for sickies. Let's hope the warmer weather arrives quickly and we can say good-bye to the germs til next year!