It's April....time to grow

Yep, it's April.

April 1.
April Fools' Day.

Well, I'm no fool.
Except I'm going to try the whole NaBloPoMo "challenge" again.
And no, this is NOT an April Fools' joke.
I'm really doing this thing again.

This month's theme is 'sprout' - I see it as a theme about growing which is very fitting based on things that are happening in my little fishbowl lately.

Today's prompt is "what are you ready to let go of?"*

That my friends is a loaded question.

I am ready to let go of the stress that has been hanging over me for the last few months.
I am ready to let go of that feeling .... you know the one where you're wondering if you're good enough or smart enough or talented enough.
I am ready to let go of the frustration that greets me Monday through Friday.

I am ready to GROW.
And be better.
And stronger.
I am ready to be ME.

*note: I am thinking of using the prompts from NaBloPoMo every now and then when I need that "push" to write.

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