Oh for the love....

I cannot fail this 'challenge' on day two!!!!!!!!!!!

I just realized that it's 10:23 p.m. and I've written nothing today.

My excuse??
Um....I was busy.

Plans were sprouting up all over the place. :)
(see how I used that whole sprout theme? yeah....sneaky, I know).

My crazy Saturday started like this.....

First we practically ran out of the house at 8:45 this morning to get to the salon so Olivia could get a new 'do (last minute planning on my part). And then we had to stop for doughnuts.

Then we headed to that 'baby superstore' because we had to buy two new booster car seats for Olivia because she is growing like a weed and the old seats we had were rated "worst" last fall in that car seat safety rating thingy (yep, that IS a technical phrase).

And can I just point that that it's RIDICULOUS that something so essential to a child's safety in the car is so FREAKING EXPENSIVE! Seriously. We bought one of the "best bets" in safety ratings and lucky for us it was one of the "less expensive" versions...but good gravy people, there are car seats that cost nearly $300. For a CAR SEAT. To me, that's criminal.

And then there were groceries to be bought (hello high cost of food...can I blame my grocery bill on Libya too...because I'm blaming the cost of gas on them...it cost $45 to fill my minivan today...and that was with 80 cents off per gallon).

And of course, Mt. Washmore needed to be tackled today. (The clean clothes are still sitting, somewhat folded in the baskets).

Add to the mix a few meals and paying bills and whatnot...and well, I had no time to blog about the excitement that filled my day.

And then finally at 8 p.m. I finally collapsed on the couch....where I have been until just now.

So take THAT NaBloPoMo!!!
I just wrote a blog post. About nothing. But it's still a post.

Today, I win!
(Oh yeah....WINNING!)

We'll see about tomorrow....

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