Friday's word - Thankful

This has been one heck of a week.
And not in a good way.
Just read the last few posts and you'll understand what I'm talking about.
It was a DOOZY.

So today, I am thankful that it is Friday.

I'm thankful that I get to spend the next two days with my husband and my daughters, just being a family.
No work drama.
No work stress.
No rushing around to fit everything in before bedtime.

Thankful for some "down" time.

I'm also thankful that my husband understands me so well.

He knows - without asking - that the best way to make this whole week disappear is to say to me "So, what do you want from Cold Stone? I'm going right now."

I love that man of mine.

(As a side note: you know how the more you write a word, the stranger it looks and then finally you think "I must be spelling it wrong because those letters just don't seem to go together?" Yeah. That just happened to me as I wrote this post. Did that ever happen to you? What? No? Am I crazy?)


  1. Hope you can enjoy your weekend and forget the past week at work! And good man to get you ice cream :)

  2. I hope you enjoy your weekend and get some de-stressing done!

  3. I'm so sorry you had such a crappy work week...and yeah, I totally get you on the "spelling looks wrong"...it's such a weird feeling when your brain reacts like that! I always feel temporarily insane! :)

    What a great guy you've got there!

    take care and good luck to this week being a better one!